Keystone Stars


STARS Technical Assistance
STARS Technical Assistance (TA) is a user-friendly support service available at no cost to assist Keystone STARS programs in achieving higher STAR levels OR in maintaining a current STAR level. Technical assistance is individualized on-site guidance aimed at helping programs achieve the specific requirements in the Keystone STARS Performance Standards. STARS TA is available to Keystone STARS programs at all levels – Start with STARS through STAR 4 Accredited.

For more information about STARS TA, contact Lorrie Hall at (717) 771-8564.

Use this link to request STARS TA

Infant-Toddler Consultation Services
Technical assistance and consultation for infant-toddler programs that expands high quality care of very young children and their families. Participation is voluntary and is individualized based on the needs of the participants. The program is focused on relationship-based provision of care ultimately resulting in improved outcomes for children.  For more information, contact the Mid-State Regional Key Infant-Toddler Specialist or to request Infant-Toddler Consultation for your facility, use this link.

Child Care Health Consultation Services
Child Care Health Consultation (CCHC) is designed to assist early care and education programs in implementing best practices in improving and then maintaining the health and safety of their facilities.  Resources and support are provided Keystone STARS participating providers at no cost.  On-site Technical Assistance is provided to assess the needs of a facility and to provide guidance with continuous quality improvements.  For more information contact the Mid State Regional Key CCHC Specialist or to request CCHC TA for your facility, use this link.

Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation Services
Early Childhood Mental Health (ECMH) Consultation is designed to assist early care and education programs in meeting the social and emotional needs of children who exhibit challenging behaviors in the classroom. ECMH Consultation services provides on-site support at no cost, which may include observation, social and emotional and/or development screening, development of an individualized action plan, referral to additional community supports and are available:

  • To all early learning programs participating in Keystone STARS
  • For children age birth to five
  • Free of charge to the early learning program

For more information about Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation Services, please contact:

Lisa Watts (717) 233-5279 for questions about services

Fax request for ECMH services to CAECTI at (717) 233-5457

Request for ECMH Services

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